Mission and Vision


Coinciding with the fast – paced world, it is envisioned that Eusebio High School shall have:
A. Empowered teachers who are committed to excellence and quality education, producing empowered students who will be conscientious leaders and productive members in the community and able to cope with the constant global changes.
B. Functional and well-maintained top-of-the-line school facilities and equipments, easily accessible to teachers and students.
C. Harmonious home, school, church and government relationship with the parents,, teachers, local churches, and local government officials working hand-in-hand to uplift the physical, social, moral and spiritual well-being of the students through relevant programs and worthwhile undertakings.


Eusebio High School is committed to provide excellent and value-laden education in order to produce God-fearing and law-abiding students who will be the future leaders of this nation and the rest of the world.


Imploring the aid of Divine Providence, Eusebio High School dedicates itself to the service of the youth, the community, the country, the world, and of God. It declares adherence to the academic liberty, proficient instruction, benevolence among citizens, and constructive educational leadership.

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