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Rizal High School Annex Rosario has grown from a small high school situated at Maybunga Elementary School to a splurging annex for the last 30 years.  It was first handled by Mrs. Teresita V. Sañez, a notable Social Studies teacher from the Rizal High School Main when it was established year 1977.  It was then followed by other annexes of Rizal High School through the effort of its principal then, Miss Diana C. Santos.

RHS Maybunga Annex, as it is first called, is in existence from 1977 to 1980 with eight (8) teachers and with only one shift.  But due to increase of population, the two (2) shift scheme was carried out.  Miss Diana C. Santos assigned three honorarium teachers from the main plant.  These three, along with the other five of the annex’s regular teachers comprised the educators team of RHS Annex Maybunga.

School year 1980-1981, RHS Main Amang Hall 3rd floor housed the RHS Annex Maybunga.  It was then moved to Sta. Lucia in 1981 and remained there until 1987.  The growing student population with their teachers went on with the quest for education in the humble roof of Sta. Lucia chapel.

There’s no stopping to this annex’s growth and expansion.  They needed to transfer to another place once again.  This time it’s back to the main plant.  From 1987 to 1991, the annex occupied the Isidro Rodriguez Hall third floor with its growing population with thirty (30) very patient teachers.  The call to transfer again that year caused the annex to move to one of Pasig Elementary School old buildings.  From 1991 to 1993 its students and forty two (42) teachers sacrificingly held classes at the said site.

Finally, through God’s grace, in year 1993, Rizal High School Annex Rosario was born.  The used-to-be Maybunga Annex, Sta. Lucia Annex and Pasig Elementary School Annex now have its very own abode in a 5-storey building situated at C. Raymundo Avenue corner F. Andres St. Rosario, City of Pasig.

RHSAR, as it was fondly called, was considered to be the biggest annex and longest in terms of infrastructure.  Its population even reached 4,100 plus in one school year.

VPE-1 Building

VPE-1 Building

The Annex occupies a 2,184 sq.m. land area where the VPE buildings I-V, DECS-DPWH and SCE buildings toweringly stand.  On its initial operation, the Annex had 1,572 students, 29 teachers having classes on 32 classrooms.  Its head teacher, Mrs. Teresita V. Sañez, led the school from 1977-1995.  She was succeeded by the Guidance Counselor of Rizal High School then, Mrs. Nicanora C. Aquino.

At present, and still in the tutelage of Mrs. Nicanora C. Aquino, the school is reborn in its new persona, the Eusebio High School. With its rebirth, the school is now on its way to full development.  With one hundred twelve (112) regular teachers, two (2) Master Teacher II, six (6) Master Teacher I, thirty one (31) contractual teachers, ten (10) utility workers, eighteen (18) canteen staff and two (2) night shift security guards, there’s no stopping to this school’s quest for excellence.  Having been ranked number two in various competitions, the school has established itself as one of the best and is still trying to be.  Through the years, the school has been nurturing young men and women who have and who will eventually be the front liners in their chosen fields of profession.

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